Zhaochu Luo,Xiaozhong Zhang,Chengyue Xiong,Jiaojiao Chen,Silicon-Based Current-Controlled Reconfigurable Magnetoresistance Logic Combined with Non-Volatile Memory ,Adv. Funct. Mater. 25, 158-166 (2015).

Silicon-Based Current-Controlled Reconfigurable Magnetoresistance Logic Combined with Non-Volatile Memory


Silicon-based complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) transistors have achieved great success. However, the traditional development pathway is approaching its fundamental limits. Magnetoelectronics logic, especially magnetic-field-based logic, shows promise for surpassing the development limits of CMOS logic and arouses profound attentions. Existing proposals of magnetic-field-based logic are based on exotic semiconductors and difficult for further technological implementation. Here, a kind of diode-assisted geometry-enhanced low-magnetic-field magnetoresistance (MR) mechanism is proposed. It couples p-n junction’s nonlinear transport characteristic and Lorentz force by geometry, and shows extremely large low-magnetic-field MR (>120% at 0.15 T). Further, it is applied to experimentally demonstrate current-controlled reconfigurable magnetoresistance logic on the silicon platform at room temperature. This logic device could perform all four basic Boolean logic including AND, OR, NAND and NOR in one device. Combined with non-volatile magnetic memory, this logic architecture with unique magnetoelectric properties has the advantages of current-controlled reconfiguration, zero refresh consumption, instant-on performance and would bridge the processor-memory gap. Our findings would pave the way in silicon-based magnetoelectronics and offer a route to make a new kind of microprocessor with potential of high performance.


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