Zhaochu Luo, Chengyue Xiong, Xu Zhang, Zhen-gang Guo, Jianwang Cai, Xiaozhong Zhang, Extremely large magnetoresistance at low magnetic field by coupling nonlinear transport effect and anomalous Hall effect, Adv. Mater28,  2760–2764,(2016)

Extremely Large Magnetoresistance at Low Magnetic Field by Coupling the Nonlinear Transport Effect and the Anomalous Hall Effect


The anomalous Hall effect of a magnetic material is coupled to the nonlinear transport effect of a semiconductor material in a simple structure to achieve a large geometric magnetoresistance (MR) based on a diode-assisted mechanism. An extremely large MR (>104%) at low magnetic fields (1 mT) is observed at room temperature. This MR device shows potential for use as a logic gate for the four basic Boolean logic operations.


Zhaochu Luo,Xiaozhong Zhang,Chengyue Xiong,Jiaojiao Chen,Silicon-Based Current-Controlled Reconfigurable Magnetoresistance Logic Combined with Non-Volatile Memory ,Adv. Funct. Mater. 25, 158-166 (2015).

• 2016年11月15日编辑

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